オープンコール情報:12月東京開催!「1minute Projection Mapping」

今回で9回目を数える、アジア最大級のプロジェクションマッピングの国際大会1minute Projection Mapping。
前回 2019年の小田原城大会では43の国と地域から177のエントリーを集め、世界中のクリエーターも認める大会です。

「1minute Projection Mapping」が、パワーアップして帰ってきます!



制作テーマは「希望 / HOPE」

1minute Projection Mapping  を心待ちにしていたクリエーターの皆さん、コロナ禍で混沌としてしまったこの時代を照らす作品を生み出してみませんか?


1minute Projection Mapping which is one of the largest projection mapping competitions in Asia will be Back.
This is its 9th competition and the last Odawara Castle Competition in 2019 counted 177 entries from 43
countries and regions, and it is a competition recognized by creators all over the world.

This unique competition will be back!
The venue is the Meiji Memorial Picture Gallery, a historic building of the Meiji Jingu Outer Garden, right next to the New National Stadium.

Entry for participating creators has started on July 1st.

The production theme is “HOPE”
The prize money for the Grand Prix work is 2 million yen

Creators who have been looking forward to 1minute Projection Mapping, why don’t you create a work that
illuminates this era that has been chaotic due to the COVIS-19 disaster?

For details of the competition, please see the application guidelines on the site.