日本初上陸! 世界初の360°VRプロジェクター

BloomX社(スペイン)の360°VRプロジェクター「MK PLAYER360」が日本初上陸。

「MK PLAYER360」は壁や天井など部屋全体にフルHD動画を投影することで、プロジェクションマッピングによる没入体験を味わえる世界初の360度投影プロジェクターです。

車で持ち運びが可能な大きさ(高さ180cm 直径42cm 重さ32kg)で、移動も楽々。



商品名:MK PLAYER360

MK PLAYER360ホームページはこちらから。

BloomX (Spain) 360 ° VR projector “MK PLAYER 360” landed for the first time in Japan.

“MK PLAYER 360” is the world’s first 360-degree projection projector that allows you to enjoy an immersive
experience by projection mapping by projecting full HD video on the entire room such as walls and ceilings.

It is a size that can be carried by car (height 180 cm, diameter 42 cm, weight 32 kg), making it easy to

The operation can be performed wirelessly from the smartphone app, and the projected image is minimized
from distortion.

Third-party content created for other VR devices and platforms can be played.

■ Product overview
Product name: MK PLAYER 360
Price: 3.1 million yen (tax included)
Sales and import agency: Living CG Co., Ltd.

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