『1minute Projection Mapping in 小田原城』の開催決定 / 作品募集開始!

第8回プロジェクションマッピング国際コンペティション『1minute Projection Mapping in 小田原城』の開催が決定し、公募を開始いたします!今大会は神奈川県小田原市で開催し、映像投影する建物はタイトルが示すとおり「小田原城」という日本建築で最もシンボリックな「城」で行われます。そして、本年度の製作テーマは「夢」です。

The open call for the 8th Projection Mapping International Competition “1 minute Projection Mapping in Odawara Castle” was announced. The next venue is Odawara Castle in Odawara City, Kanagawa Prefecture, the building to be projected is the castle that is the most symbolic architecture of Japan.
The production theme of this year is “Dream”.
We are expecting that works depicting “Dream” will be gathered in Odawara Castle, Japan, where the new epoch started with the new name of era.
The Grand Prix winner will receive a prize of 1 million yen and will be invited as a guest creator for the next competition!
Deadline for entry & submission of works is July 31th, 2019!
Please see the following page for more details and apply for it!