World Topic2021.05.27

Constellations de Metz 開催!



見所は、Caitlind rc Brown&Wayne Garrett(カナダ)、Playmodes(スペイン)、Felix Frank(エクアドル)、Julia Shamsheieva(ウクライナ)、Bordos Artworks(ハンガリー)、Petr Vacek& Adam CIGLER(チェコ共和国)、Tundra(ロシア)、C4RT0(カナダ)、Luke Jerram(イギリス)などの外国人アーティストによる約20の未発表デジタル作品。




Constellations festival in Metz will be back this summer from July 1st to Sept. 4th, 2021 in Metz, France where you can discover nearly 90 international artist works day and night. For this edition, the festival is emphasizing its international dimension, by developing close links with international players in the digital arts such as the Signal festival in Prague and the Society of arts and technology in Montreal.
The program features around twenty unpublished digital creations signed by foreign artists such as Caitlind rc Brown & Wayne Garrett (Canada), Playmodes (Spain), Felix Frank (Ecuador), Julia Shamsheieva (Ukraine), Bordos Artworks (Hungary), Petr Vacek & Adam CIGLER (Czech Republic), Tundra (Russia), C4RT0 (Canada), or Luke Jerram (United Kingdom). There will be a first international video mapping competition as well by 10 artistic collectives projecting on the facade of the Sant-Clément church. Let yourself be guided by the artistic routes and works of international artists and discover or rediscover this city as you have never seen it.
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