World Topic2021.04.30

Chartres In Lightsの開催!

Chartres In Lights は、2021年4月10日から年末までフランスのシャルトルで日暮れから午前1時まで毎晩開催されます。このフェスティバルは、イルミネーションの魔法の雰囲気、新しい舞台美術の発見、ストリートショー、散歩とエンターテイメントのお祝いの雰囲気を組み合わせたものです。

Chartres In Lights returns every evening from nightfall to 1a.m., from April 10, 2021 until the end of the year at Chartres, France. This Festival of Light combines for one evening the magical atmosphere of illuminations, the discovery of new scenographies and the festive atmosphere of street shows, strolls and entertainment.
This year, there are new illumination awaits you such as:
・Watching the Saint-André collegiate church release the contents of its grimoires, herbariums and medieval bestiaries onto the Eure.
・Travelling through the world and admire a luminously alive flora and fauna of various artworks from the banks of the Eure.
・Discover the stained glass transformation of the Chartres gallery.
There are also other works that would amaze you!
For more information have a look at the website: