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Open Call for Entries Kyiv Lights Festival 2018 (in キエフ)

The Kyiv Lights Festival 2018 will be held in May 18-20.
The festival took place for the first time last year in Kyiv City, the Ukrainian Capital.
It featured seven venues in the Ukrainian capital and twenty-five video designers from all over the world participated in the international 3D mapping contest.
More than 200,000 Kyiv residents and tourists visited the KLF, undoubtedly making the festival Ukraine’s biggest art event with free admission in 2017.
Now the entree for the KLF2018 has been opened.
Please check the link below for details.

Kyiv Lights Festival 2018 official website



 「光とメディアアートの国際フェスティバル 2018 in キエフ」official website (ウクライナ語・英語ページのみ)