Modulo Player / Modulo KINETIC


Modulo Player は、これまでに存在したMedia Serverの中でも驚異的にシンプルな操作性と多機能な能力を共存させた特徴をもちます。

Modulo Kineticは、困難なプロジェクトに究極のシステムが最高パフォーマンスを生むショーデザインのワークフローにおいてデザインプラットホームとなり、ショーデザインのすべての要素を組み込んで、最適なソリューションを提供します。



●Official Site:https://www.mileruntech.co.jp/

Modulo Player has surprisingly simple operation and versatility compared to existing Media Server.
By installing the free control software on another laptop and connecting it to the main unit via a network connection, all settings and programs can be completed with remote software without touching the main unit at all.
This results in the separation of the video playback hardware and the programming environment and promises stable operation during programming.
In addition to Windows / Mac, Android OS and iOS are also available as control software, and playback and
remote programming are possible from various devices such as touchpads.

In show design workflows where the ultimate system produces the highest performance for difficult projects, Modulo Kinetic becomes the design platform and incorporates all the elements of show design to provide the best solution.

It is equipped with real-time 3D, interactive function, tracking function, VR function using Steam, etc., and
can respond in various situations.

See the official website for details.

●Official Site:https://www.mileruntech.co.jp/