World Topic2021.10.05



極微細ミストがひんやり漂う幻想的な世界とプロジェクションによる 立体感のある映像美で楽しめるこれまでにない没入体験が見どころの一つになっています。



From October 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022, the first World Expo in the Middle East has started in Dubai, the city of the UAE United Arab Emirates.

192 countries and regions participated under the theme of “connecting hearts and creating the future.” It has realized audience participation that could not be achieved at the Tokyo Olympics.

The Japanese government’s pavilion “Japan Pavilion” has a unique mechanism that uses the latest video and space technology.
One of the highlights is the unprecedented immersive experience that you can enjoy with the fantastic world where ultra-fine mist drifts coolly and the three-dimensional visual beauty by projection.

Vaccination certificate or negative PCR test within 72 hours is required for admission.
If you don’t wear a mask in a public place, the fine is about 90,000 yen. If you do not register the tracking app on your smartphone, you will be fined about 300,000 yen, and if you disseminate false news or rumors about COVID-19 you will be fined about 600,000 yen. In countries where vaccination is progressing, many people do not wear masks anymore, but in Dubai, they wear almost 100% masks.

Proclaiming safety may be the key to the success of a large-scale event.