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2021年5月29日、MINUTE_MAPP初の国際的な開催である今回は、東京からオンライン配信で配信予定です。MINUTE_MAPP 2021のテーマは「THE VISITOR」、投影されるキャンバスは小さなサイズのマネキンです。THE VISITORというシンボルはこれまでにも多くの芸術の中で、自分自身とそれを取り巻く世界観を振り返る手法として使用されてきました。作品の応募締め切りは2021年5月10日(月)です。

MINUTE_MAPP is a creative laboratory open to all creators. The idea is to share new ideas for projection mapping through a 60-second audiovisual mapping piece. MINUTE_MAPP which has started in Montreal in 2013, isn’t a competition but instead has played an important role as a creative community that shares Creativity, Experimentation, and Playfulness.
The first MINUTE_MAPP’s international event will be held on on May 29th, 2021, and it will be distributed online from Tokyo. The theme of MINUTE_MAPP 2021 is “THE VISITOR”, the projects will be projected onto a small mannequin. The symbol “THE VISITOR” has been used in many arts as a way to look back on yourself and the worldview that surrounds it. The deadline for submitting works is May 10th, 2021 (Monday).
The judges will consist of representatives from various organizations in Japan, Canada and France. From all the submitted works, MAPP_INTERNATIONAL will select 20 works to be judged.
The application method is the link below. Have a look at it!
For more information, have a look at the website: