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The Vilnius Light Festival will return for its 3rd edition in Vilnius, Lithuania on Aug 13th-15th,2021. Lighting installations will surround the Old Town of Vilnius, to breathe life into the city and its citizen, highlight the city’s architecture, drawing citizens from their homes to the streets. This festival has an extra open call for artists and organizations from various art fields to submit applications for light artworks. The deadline for application is April 15th, 2021.
The main evaluation criteria for applications:
・Idea fulfillment (the project has a historical or socio-cultural context or has a clear connection with the chosen location);
・Originality / innovation / visual appeal of the project (physical expression of the project is unusual, visually aesthetic materials are used, clear fulfillment of the idea);
・Technical solutions of the project (selected solutions are effectively applied in the chosen location, utilizing them helps to reach best possible result);
・Validity of the estimate (provide detailed costs of the project);
・Original soundtrack.
To participate in the selection, fill out the form on the following link:
For more information, have a look at the website: