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Circle of Lightでのオープンコール

Circle of Light Festivalはロシアのモスクワで2019年9月20日から24日まで開催されます。
このイベントは毎年行われ、様々な国の照明デザイナーやオーディオビジュアルアーティストが、街灯や炎、レーザー、花火などを使ってモスクワの建築を彩ります。 同時に、Art VisionというプロジェクションマッピングとVJのコンペティションの応募も開催されます。


◆Classic 応募締切り:7月15日

◆Modern 応募締切り:8月10日

◆VJing 応募締切り:8月10日


The Circle of Light Festival will be held from Sept 20th- 24th, 2019 at Moscow, Russia.
This is an annual event at which lighting designers and audiovisual artists from various countries reinvent the architecture of Moscow with lights on the streets and fantastic multimedia shows utilizing light, flame, lasers and fireworks.
The Art Vision is a projection mapping and vj competition that is held in conjunction to this festival is open for application.
It is divided into three categories with the deadline as below:

◆Classic : July 15th
usage of effects, artistic techniques and original ideas how to integrate with the architectural peculiarities of the façades of 3T.

◆Modern : Aug 10th
usage of the modern techniques, instruments, and implementation of the contemporary art, entertainment and show trends.

◆VJing : Aug 10th
contestants perform a 10 minute VJ set to a live DJ set (background music)

Check out the website for more information!