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キエフ ライトフェスティバル2018 開幕 / “Kyiv Light Festival 2018” Now Open

2018年5月18日から5月20日にかけての三日間、ウクライナの首都キエフで、”Kyiv Lights Festival 2018 ”が開催されます。




“Kyiv Light Festival 2018” Now Open
“Kyiv Light Festival 2018” will open from 18thto 20th May in Kyiv, Ukrainian capital. Media artists from different countries are invited to transform the River Port building into a huge screen with spectacular video projections.
There are light sculptures and installations, among which the works created by Ukrainian artists.
They also held VJ contest as well as 3D Video Mapping contest, and a lot of Work Shop in which well-known media artist instruct.
Admission is free to all festival venues.
Why don’t you experience the three days of unforgettable atmosphere created by an international festival of light and media arts in the Ukrainian capital?

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