LED Mappathon2018 Workshop

一般財団法人 プロジェクションマッピング協会が開催するLEDワークショップ。
<プロジェクションマッピング講座 〜 Mad Mapper & Modul8 〜>と一緒に講座を受けるとより深く学べそうです。

Workshop for LED Mappathon2018 will be held in Shibuya by Projection Mapping Association of Japan. This workshop would be more productive joining another workshop for Madmapper.





前日に、MadMapper & Modul8 ワークショップ(も行います





<【LEDコントロールワークショップ】PMAJ LED Mappathon 2017>

●日時 :<2日間>
第1日目 3月16日(金) 19:00~21:30
第2日目 3月17日(土) 10:00〜17:00

●場所:(一財)プロジェクションマッピング協会 ギャラリー
渋谷区桜丘町29-35 渋谷Dマンション501 (渋谷駅より徒歩約5分)


三菱東京UFJ銀行 青山通支店 (普)0139213
プロジェクションマッピング協会 事務局長 藤井秀樹


・ノートPCまたは MacBookPro または MacBook(MacBookAirは非推奨)



In this workshop, we’re going to try to control various colors using RGB pixel by pixel and Digital LED Strip.

During  two days of WS, we begin our lecture from how to select LED and correctly , and at last we shall create a whole work.

Having the knowledge and technique of movie and lightning have been more important as the the relation between them become closer. Madmapper ,the popularly used software in projection mapping, can control LED lightning with DMX. It’s really rare chance you can learn consistently.

The day before of this WS, MadMapper & Modul8 ワークショップ( also be held. We recommend to join both of WS.

After the WS, you can take your work home.

We invite ChiKA, Artist and community manager for MadMapper and modul8 based in NY, as a instructor .

You can see pictures of past WS from the link below.

<PMAJ LED Mappathon 2017>

●DATE :<2 days>
The 1st day : 16th March(Fri.) 19:00~21:30
The 2nd day: 17th March(Sat.) 10:00〜17:00

●PLACE:Projection Mapping Association GALLERY
29-35 Sakuraoka-cho Shibuya-ku , Shibuya-D-Mansion-501 (5 minutes by walk from Shibuya Station)
●FEE:Members: ¥40,000  General:¥50,000(the cost of materials included / you can take your work home)

※We will stop accepting applications once all the places are taken.

☆Early Booking Special☆

We have special discount ¥1,000 for participants book and finish payment before 9th March (Fri.) y. 

=The Bank Account for Money Transfer=
The Bank Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ
Aoyama-dori Branch
Hideki Fujii (Executive Director of PMAJ)

※All bank charges must be paid by the customer

☆Admission Discount☆
If you join our membership now, you can attend the class with membership price.
(Admission Fee for membership:Regular : ¥12,000  Student:¥3,600 Corporate : Please contact)

You can see information of our membership(

【Entry Qualification】Open to beginners 
・Bring your own PC(MacBook or MacBookPro will be recommended)
※We have rental PC for ¥1,000. First two offers are only accepted.
・You have to join both days of the lecture.

【Things to Bring】
・Laptop PC or MacBookPro or MacBook (MacBookAir is not recommended.)
・Solder Iron (if you have)
・Cutting Nipper (if you have)
※Materials for WS are prepared.



【講師紹介 / Instructor Profile】
 Artist / Art Educator / garagecube

ニューヨークのスクールオブビジュアルアート大学の写真学科、ニューヨーク大学の大学院、インタラクティブテレコミュニケーション学科を卒業後、Vimeo、Eyebeamのアーティストレジデント、メトロポリタン美術館のメディアラブのリサーチャーのを経て現在、ニューヨークでアーティスト活動、プロジェクションとLEDマッピングワークショップ、mappathon™の創設者, またスイスを拠点としたgarageubeにて、madMapperとmodul8に関わる。コミュニティーマネージャーとして国内外で活躍している。アーティストとしては、LEDライト、プロジェクションマッピング、インタラクティブインスタレーション、VJやライブ構成の映像を主に作成。いろいろなメディアを使用しながら、幾何学的で視覚的な光のシンフォニーを作り出す。センサーを使い観客と一体化して光・映像と音の錯覚と驚きを体験できる作品を作る。

CHiKA is a Japanese born, New York based artist.
Her experience in real time video performance for a decade has influenced her artistic practice, shifting it from a one-way communication channel with the audience into an inclusive experience that uses 
technology to establish a moment of co-creation with the public.
Light and sound are the main elements she uses in her installations,which are ultimately a visual 
performance that explore improvisational communication and interaction with audience in real time.
Her work has been shown in numerous international venues and festivals.


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Fill in the form below,and send to ,
filling title “LED control workshop”.

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◼General or PMAJ Membership
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(一財)プロジェクションマッピング協会 事務局